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Whether your focus is Fat Burning, Muscle Building, Muscle Fitness or Bodybuilding, with diligent work and careful planning anything is possible.  With persistence and the scientific application of modern exercise and nutrition principles toning your body and even banishing cellulite is possible!  Advance your strength, fitness level, conditioning and athletic performance or even just energize your life!  You will find the results. Take the first step to success by contacting Dollz Images to coach you today.

This website isn't the standard personal training corporate brochure typically offered by other fitness and personal training businesses, because I know that words mean little and your results mean everything.  You may need to know I am most comfortable in showcasing to you the evidence of my client success stories.  You will find information and expert guidance on every aspect of getting in shape with my personal training plans. I have been in the personal training business 22 years and 12 of those years were competing in Body Building competitions.  I have trained a variety of clients to fitness, high fashion and commercial models, Celebrities, cage fighters, doctors, personal trainers and body builders just to name a few.  I have helped put clients in magazines as diverse as Vogue, Elle, Inside Fitness, Curves and Status.  My array of testimonials that you will read on my site will be "personal training success stories".  This will be my opportunity to showcase to you the knowledge and power I have to give you the body (and all the advantages of increased self esteem, confidence and charisma that accompany achieving your physical goals) you want.

A word from Expert Personal Trainer Bobby Tang on personal training:

Achieving the ultimate in results for my clients is my passion as a personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach.  Whether for Fat Burning, Muscle Building, a Personal goal, Fitness or Bodybuilding, I am supremely confident in my ability to predict exactly when and how I can deliver for every one of my clients.

Bobby Tang
Dollz Image President
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