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Is famous for its fashion and elegant design and meticulous hand technology of the global top three Danish PANDORA jewelry brand, 2014 success in the fourth year, this year in Taiwan agent of Fiji couple jewelry team efforts to become a sales first in Asia, a new exhibition shop image shop at 12, shanda in Taipei 101 international indicator mall, at the same time is also Taiwan's tourism most indexes of the must-see attractions. Therefore, in addition to fight for Taiwan's unique brand character string act the role ofing more hope to Taiwan's vitality is bold and unrestrained, warm human happiness through Pandora charms sale "recorded in jewelry Unforgettable moment in my life Unforgettable Moments" brand spirit, passed to visitors from all over the world
Pandora charms canada brand in the first quarter performance good, Pandora charms canada brand CEO Mr Allan Leighton said the next will be fully carry out expansion plans, and expand the scope of supply. Pandora is currently in the UK, Germany, Austria, France open online stores, online shops in Dutch is the official start of the operation in April. Mr Allan Leighton said the future will be all the world market, but doesn't have a clear plan of time. From the number of stores, Pandora 2014 225 new concept shop will open more. During the three months ended March 31, Pandora's net income increased by 61% to $129.3 million, including Italy, France and Russia's sales growth of 48%, accounting for 41% of the total income. America is Pandora brand has always been the best performing market, in the first quarter growth of 9%, accounting for 34% of total revenue.
In this season of the product, you must not miss Pandora charms sale grand launch new hand-knitted bracelet series - Macrame bracelet.
The ancient Arab traditional crafts
An intoxicating Macrame bracelet design inspiration comes from the ancient Arab weaving process. Each bracelet is woven by hand, need to spend about three hours to do. This is in the PANDORA series of all time spent most closely.
Endless mashups
14 k gold and silver made Macrame bracelet endings more colorful multicolored another slice of the world. In addition to the performance of light color, such as, nude, pink, green, lavender and classic black, more the spring, summer, you must not miss gray and blue. PANDORA to meet creative, provide 14 k gold, silver and silver oxide three options, this season, the most flattering colour collocation gives you.
Made of pure gold or silver bracelet with 14 k, with delicate Pandora charms sale (hanging) series clamp clasp for decoration. Does not dare the ordinary, you can also and PANDORA charms (hanging) bracelet, leather bracelet or PANDORA Black Crown Diamond watches worn together.

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