When it comes to reshaping bodies, Bobby Tang knows how to turn goals into reality.  Bobby's expertise will invigorate your workouts, refine your eating and sculpt your body into the ultimate competition physique or a fit body for everyday life.  Pick a program and watch your body evolve.

14-week Body Transformation:
Get results in just 14 weeks with Bobby's personal supervision and individualized training via bi-weekly email updates and phone consultations.  Included are: customized nutrition program, training routine, cardio schedule and supplement schedule.  This program is available globally. NOTE:This program includes a weight training outline but DOES NOT INCLUDE ONE ON ONE IN THE GYM

- Nutrition Plan
- Weight-Training program
- Cardio Schedule
- Supplement Schedule

Cost: $800.00 + GST Canadian*

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16-week Competition Prep:
This show program begins 16 weeks before your show date.  Prior to beginning this program, Bobby offers a free phone consultation to help clarify your fitness goals and choose the right show for you.  After submitting digital pictures (front and back views in a two-piece suit), Bobby will provide an honest assessment of your physique.  At that time, you decide whether to get started on Bobby's 16-week Competition Prep Program, which includes a customized nutrition plan, weight-training program, cardio schedule and supplement schedule.  Each component of your training will be monitored by Bobby weekly. This diet is customize for your body type it is not a cookie cutter program. NOTE:This program includes a weight training outline but DOES NOT INCLUDE ONE ON ONE IN THE GYM

- Nutrition Plan
- Weight-Training Plan
- Cardio Schedule
- Supplement Schedule

Cost: $1000.00+ GST Canadian*

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Off Season Program:
If you've completed the 16 weeks Competition Prep program in the last 30 days, this is the program for you!  Bobby will keep you on track by developing a plan that targets your unique nutrition needs by maintaining a balanced body fat percentage, cardio training and supplementation needs as you look ahead to the upcoming season.  Designed to take all the worry out of your post-competition phase. NOTE:This program includes a weight training outline but DOES NOT INCLUDE ONE ON ONE IN THE GYM

Cost: $800.00 + GST Canadian*

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Competitive Image consultation
Have you been dieting for a competition coming up?  Are you stressed out because you don't feel your ready to step on-stage?  Maybe you're not being educated about it enough from someone who's know's the Ins and outs of the industry. This package just might be what you need to feel confident once you step on stage. 
NOTE: This package is not for my clients as it's apart of my 16 week competition prep. 

- Full Body Image consulting
- to swimsuits
- Hair
- Make-up
- Heels
- How to walk
- How to pose on stage

Cost: $200 + GST Canadian*

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Personal Training: ONE ON ONE GYM SESSION
Get results with one-on-one personal training sessions.  Bobby will come to your city to personally train you.  Whether you're a seasoned pro or a newcomer to the sport, Bobby's 20-plus years of experience will get you the results you're after.  Prices may vary according to your place of residence.

Cost: $80

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