Some of you may have been training solo or with a partner and at some stage you reach a sticking point where your gains are not as good as you'd like them to be.

Others, perhaps, have never trained, and need guidance. Perhaps you have never had professional guidance in the regimen you use and are not seeing the results you hoped for.

Using a Personal Trainer can help surmount these obstacles. Whether it's improving your Golf or Tennis game or simply becoming fitter, Bobby at Dollz can help.

Bobby Tang is the founder of Dollz Images and very well respected in his industry, locally and Internationally.  His approach to personal training balances all aspects of a healthy lifestyle: fitness for the mind, body & spirit. Each training program is individually designed for your specific fitness needs, and combines nutrition counseling with personal training.

A program will be developed to meet your Fitness Goals, combining Nutrition with Personal Training, to maximize your Potential. Best Results Guaranteed.

His motto is "It's not just an Image it's a lifestyle" And with that in mind, when you work with him, that is exactly what you will achieve. A lifestyle.

He offers Training on all levels, and for all stages of experience:

• Personal Training
• Endurance Training
• Nutritional Counseling
• Functional Training
• Exercise Prescription
• Weight Management and Toning
• Strength and Conditioning Training
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