Before competition prep I lived a very healthy life style and worked out at least 5 days a week. I had competed in numerous beauty/bikini pageants but I wanted to push myself harder and pursue a new goal. I had been thinking of doing a fitness competition for the past 2 years but just never took that next step to commit. After coming across Dollz Image and talking with Bobby I knew it was what I wanted to do.

The first day was by far the hardest, all new meal plans, workout plans and the scariest part- change! I had so much anxiety and Bobby talked some sense into me and reminded me why I wanted to do this and told me to take it day by day. After that talk I was 100% committed.

The competition I was training for was with INBF at the end of June in Vancouver. I chose that show because it was a natural show, seemed less intimidating and I felt the next abba show in Edmonton was too soon and I wouldn't be "ready" in time, considering most girls would have had double the prep time that I had.

Bobby ended up talking me into doing the abba Northerns show, he reminded me that there was nothing to loose and ultimately I could just use that as practice/experience. He gave me confidence and the reassurance I needed. I ended up getting first call outs and placing 6th out of 37!! 3 weeks later was my next competition where I placed 2nd!

He not only supplied me with the tools to physically get myself competition ready but also mentally.

Laura Cook

Laura Cook
Occupation: Bikini competitor

I can’t believe I did it! The last 10 months have been a time to grow and learn and mature, and to feel a sense of accomplishment. I feel like I can achieve anything in life and nothing is standing in my way. I’m 38 and single mother, with a career can be challenging enough, but I wanted more, I wanted something just for me. I’ve always been active worked out on the gym, played many sports, so physical activity has always been a big part in my life. Finding the right trainer can sometimes be difficult, but I wanted the best so I could be the best to achieve my entire goal.
Meet with Bobby in October 2013, to get an idea of what I was up for and what he could help me with. Asking him “do you really think I’ll be ready by June” he assured me if I do the work he will help me along the way. Within a few hours, Bobby had my whole diet plan put together along with workout schedule; he gave me all the tools to be a competitive figure athlete the rest was up to me.
Bobby is a man of such amazing knowledge, any questions I had (which were a lot) he explained why, what and how! He’s not just a trainer, he’s THE TRAINER! Bobby was by my side all the time, checking in on me daily making sure I was still on track, he took the time to see me when I was feeling things weren’t moving along like they should be, he assured me that everything will be all right. Many emotions that stir up, bobby was there. It takes a certain person to understand this sport and have a pure love for it; he’s got it as I do too! On June 14, 2014 I won 1St place ( Tall Figure) and Placed 2nd in Masters Figure at the Southern Bodybuilding Competition, which qualified me to move on to Alberta Provincials and Canadian Nationals. I truly appreciate all that you’ve done for me.
We all have busy lives, but make sure you always make time for yourself, we all are important and when you want to achieve something don’t let anyone tell you can’t! Bobby thank you for everything, I look forward to continuing to work with you.

Dawn Browne
Occupational Health and Safety Consultant.

Dawn Browne
Occupation: Occupational Health and Safety Consultant/ National Figure competitor
After having my second child I felt that I was a "skinny fat" girl. I worked out at the gym and was eating healthy but wasn't getting the results I wanted.
In December of 2013 a friend told me about this great fitness coach Bobby Tang. I immediately went on his website and read all the testimonials, saw all his beautiful clients and their transformations. I was convinced that he is sure the best and had enough courage to call him. He was very nice on the phone and the first thing he asked is that "do you have a picture in your mind where you want your body to be?" I mean I knew I wanted to be fit and healthy but I also wanted to have muscle definition. "So you want to compete then?" He asked. I said "I guess I do then". Six month later I entered ABBA northern bodybuilding championships in Master bikini and open class divisions. I won first place in both divisions and now preparing to compete in Nationals next month.

Bobby is knowledgable,professional and excellent coach. He was there every step of the way, texting and calling to check up on me. Always encouraging to work harder and do better. I followed his diet and work out plans to a tee. I watched my body transform from skinny soft girl to curvy and bootylicious woman. I gained confidence, knowledge and courage to step on stage. His posing workshops helped me to be confident, sexy and be able to pose on stage in front of an audience.
I would defenetly recommend Bobby to anyone who is trying to transform their body, wanting to compete or just to learn how to be fit and healthy. Thank you so much Bobby for everything that you have done for me. Words can't describe how happy I am to have met you and have you in my life as my coach. Looking forward to our great and fit friendship! Thank you!

Lana Berman
Occupation: National level bikini competitor
Well, where do I even begin with Bobby Tang? There's so much to say about this man, that I don't think I could fit it all in one paragraph.
I have always been into living a healthy lifestyle and I knew one day I wanted to compete. However, since I started university, I found it really hard to meal plan, eat healthy, and make it to the gym so I struggled with my weight on and off for several years. Before long, I was very unhappy with my body image, and that's when I decided to seek out a personal trainer and perhaps think about competing. I read endless reviews and searched websites of personal trainers from Edmonton and surrounding area. In August 2013, I came across Dollz Image (Bobby Tang), and his website and testimonies gave me the best the impression so I decided to send an e-mail regarding my interest. Within HOURS, he messaged me and asked me to call him to set up a consultation and he saw me the next day. The same night he sent me a workout plan and meal plan. I started off rocky and wasn't sure if I had the dedication but in October 2013 we decided I would compete in bikini at The ABBA Northern championships.
Throughout the entire process, Bobby has been supportive, knowledgable, and available for any of my requests, questions, and concerns. He has never made me feel pressured to do anything I wasn't comfortable with, and he's always educated me about all aspects of the sport. He always left the final decisions up to me regarding training, diet, and competition. He would contact me and meet with me regularly to keep an eye on my progress and change my program as appropriate. He is very attentive and makes sure you're happy with your progress every step of the way.
I just competed last week (June, 2014), and I placed 4th place out of a class of 22 girls and a total of over 150 bikini competitors. I am ecstatic about my results and my placing in my first competition. I qualified for provincials, so I will be competing again next week, and Bobby has given me the confidence to step on stage with my best possible package.
Bobby is more than just a personal trainer. He is a teacher, a motivator, a doctor and therapist at times, and most importantly, a friend. If you're thinking of competing, getting that beach body for summer, or just starting your journey to a healthier lifestyle, you CAN'T go wrong with Bobby. He is, by far, one of the best trainers in Edmonton.

Helen Wang

Helen Wang
Occupation: Student/bikini competitor
I heard about Bobby through a friend and from searching online for a trainer who would be a good fit. I quickly made the connection when Bobby, as he was open to answering all my questions. I wanted to learn about the competition world, what class I may be a fit for and for honest feedback on what I need to focus on. Bobby always answered all my daily questions immediately. Not only did he guide me through my competition journey, he also motivated me to succeed and he checked in with me regularly to ensure I was coping well.
Dollz has amazing experience and is a very professional company. Bobby helped me up until the day of my competition to ensure I was calm and ready. My body has never been in such amazing shape and I feel great with how I look and with Booby’s encouragement and confidence I know I can always turn to him for support, honest criticism and to seek an amazing body!
Bobby you certainly have introduced me into the bodybuilding competition world, for which I thoroughly have enjoyed and likely will continue. You have shown me a different path to health and image. Your work is so thorough and I can tell you are very hard working, hence the many referrals I have made to you!
Thank you again for your support, commitment, believing in me and helping me work towards a new found goal of mine in life!

Shelina Merali-Tate

Shelina Merali-Tate
Occupation: National level master bikini
I have always enjoyed group activities. Gymnastics as a kid then Danced till I was 18 years old. After that just Did various group fitness classes here and there. After having 3 boys I wanted to do something to improve my body and my confidence. I was 113 lbs, soft and no muscle tone. I first contacted Bobby wanting muscle tone and fat loss. And he gave me a easy to follow meal plan and workout schedule. After that program ended he suggested competition, a figure competition. I hesitated and about a week later said, ok I need a new challange! With Bobby's guidance and experience in the competition and fitness world. There is really no question he cannot answer.
After doing my first competition I found a passion for it and look forward to continue to improve. And follow Bobby's coaching and guidance. His experience and encouragement is something I struggled to find for years in a trainer. I'm completely confident in Bobby! I will only achieve greater things because of what he can see in me. He gives me the support I need to keep training harder! Thanks Bobby!

Tammy Williams

Tammy Williams
Occupation: Hairstylist / Figure Competitor
I met Bobby shortly after leaving a 10-year relationship. At that point in my life I was facing divorce, feeling like a failure and had little to no self esteem or confidence. I needed and was seeking some kind of healing from a verbally abusive and controlling husband. Not sure where my new life would take me, I decided to take a hold of it and begin a fitness journey. A friend of mine asked me to join her in her journey to competing. With no confidence in myself, I told her that I would train and diet with her but I had no intentions to walk the stage. After my first consultation with Bobby, I was feeling excited to start working towards my new goal. A few months in, I was set back with a hamstring injury, and I was unable to keep up. I was super discouraged, but Bobby kept me motivated and stayed in touch with me while I was on the mend, moved three times and had to re home my beloved dogs. It was a tough year and all through this Bobby kept me on track to maintaining what I had worked towards thus far.

This year, now with more confidence I was feeling like I needed a new goal. I wanted something to challenge myself, physically and mentally. I then started considering training and getting onto that stage! Bobby immediately had me excited! Although I had an idea of what training for a competition would entail, I really wasn’t prepared for the mental aspect. Bobby kept me on track, lifted me up when I was feeling frustrated, gave me the pep talks when I was feeling defeated, and convinced me I wasn’t crazy after my no carb break down! ? I was worried I would be on this journey alone as I had no one to come home to at the end of the day, but Bobby was all the support I needed. Bobby was my rock.

My journey to the stage has been an amazing experience. I’ve learned so much about bodybuilding, myself and what I am able to endure. This has not only been about a physical transformation for me. I can now walk with confidence and hold my head high. The last time I was this proud of myself, was when I graduated recruit training with the Edmonton Police Service eight years ago, and it just so happened to be the exact stage that I walked across for the competition. I’m so grateful to Bobby for being with me every step of the way and keeping my head in the game. Bobby has been my personal trainer, my coach, my psychologist at times, my biggest fan, a shoulder to cry on and vent to, and I am also pleased to call him my friend.

My first competition wasn’t at all about competing with the other amazing ladies on the stage, but it was about the journey to getting me on that stage, and feeling confident about it. I have met my goals and will continue to make more. One of the most important things I have learned in this journey is not to compare and compete with others. We are different inside and out, have different goals physically and mentally. When I look in the mirror, I see my only competition; me, the person I strive to be better than I was yesterday. I have had such an amazing experience that I will continue to train with Bobby!

Wise words that will forever be engrained in my memory when I’m in the gym training; “No Pain!”

Thank you Bobby!!! There are not enough words to express my gratitude for everything you have been for me!
Nicole Cook

Nicole cook
Occupation: Figure competitor
Fitness was something that my wife (Becky) introduced to me from the moment we met. When we first met i was around 270-280 lbs and and have never felt more uncomfortable in my life. I knew that if i was going to be a part of her life that i needed to get my lifestyle together and strive for what i wanted most in life, which was to be able to keep up with her and be with her forever. With her continuous guidance, support and positive outlook on the healthy lifestyle (Still to this day) she initiated phase one of my transformation. I went from 280 lbs down to 200 lbs over the coarse of 2 years. I was on top of the world, in the best shape of my life and a loving wife to thank and share everything with. From there i would consistently stay anywhere from 200-215 lbs with no real goals in mind as far as taking the gym and lifestyle to the next step. November 2012 Becky competed in her first competition with bobby as her trainer and did amazing. This was an eye opener for me as i seen how motivated and determined she was for this journey and i knew i wanted to be apart of this with her. Becky gave me Bobby's number and i contacted him to sign up in January 2013 to start immediately.. Bobby had specific diets and weight training methods that would soon reflect on my body image. I would have never thought that tailoring meal plans, adding or deleting little bits of food here and there could make so much of a difference in the way you look and feel. The weight training workouts were awesome, such a variety and gave me something to look forward to every morning. Bobby gave me so many tips and tricks on how to do certain exercises properly or different variations which would hit particular muscles and be way more beneficial. I always felt that sometimes i would ask to many questions or be to needy but regardless of how many questions i asked i always received an answer i wanted to hear. Having low confidence, very Shy and coming from being self conscious of the way i always looked i would always doubt certain things about competing. I mentioned this to bobby around the time of choosing which show to sign up for and he didn't skip a beat "I can pose anyone, ill make you look like a rock star" This statement eased my mind and i knew this was something i could commit to and follow through with. From there i signed up for Muscle beach knowing it was a big crowd and knew i couldn't turn out. I continued to give it 110% and constantly staying in touch with Bobby with pictures and updates the continuously positive feedback that i received was motivating to just keep going and never give up. Posing practice started and i walked into the room with my head looking at the ground and chest slouched Bobby smiled "What are you doing, Go back start again" as i chuckled i knew i was going to learn something in a hurry. From there i posed with bobby 3-4 times and constantly sending him photos for some critiquing and more countless hours staring in mirrors trying to fluently hit poses. I finally felt confident to go on stage. The week leading up and the day of my competition was kind of a blur except for remembering the comments throughout the week "Stay Focused" "Smile" "Have Fun" and "I'm Proud of you loosing all that weight". I went out on stage October 12, 2013 for muscle beach and had an amazing time. All of the strict diet and training all paid off and it was all worth it. I thank you Bobby for everything you have done. I look forward to working with you for the years to come.

Kris Ring
Occupation: National male physiques competitor
On June 15 2013 I went to watch the ABBA Provincials, a week later I met with Bobby and 16 weeks later I was stepping on stage at my very first competition, the ABBA Muscle Beach Fall Classic.
After talking with Bobby for about an hour I knew I had found my trainer. He was very informative and knowledgeable on every aspect of the industry. He was so easy to talk to and answered all of my questions no matter how amateur they sounded. I was hooked and 3 days later I was starting my prep.
I was always active, I danced for 18 years before falling in love with fitness. But I never knew how to properly nourish my body and push myself in the gym. But with Bobby's full diet and training plan I learned what I needed to do and my prep went so smoothly.
Bobby was always there when I needed anything, from start to finish he answered every single one of my questions and helped my over all the obstacles. And my Monday's weren't complete without a check in from Bobby. He's become a part of my daily life now, whenever I have a dilemma in the fitness field I always stop and think "Okay what would Bobby tell me to do" and that sets me back on track.
I had such an amazing experience and journey over the past few months, and I'm in the best shape of my life.. so far! And I owe it all to Bobby and Dollz Image! I was amazed at what I could accomplish in 16 weeks, so lets see what 8 months will do for this Doll !

Kirklanne Lafferty, Edmonton, AB

Kirklanne Lafferty
Occupation: Bikini competitor
Well Bobby, all I can say is WOW!!! How a person can pick you up from your lowest point in life with your body and make your feel great in it. I never thought that would ever happen. I have completed a few times and I have never felt how I do now.. how I want to keep going,or how confident I felt on stage.

I have 3 children and work like crazy at work, as a mother and a wife. I didn’t think that I would ever have the time to complete this task. I came to Bobby looking for a meal plan, a way to lose weight… Bobby asked “what day you want to Complete” I said hmmm not sure, well after a few weeks I was like ok you know what?? Let’s do this…

I over asked questions, and not just once or twice but a few times, he always got back to me and always said it was ok “don’t worry about it, that’s what I am here for”..

I worked hard, was always told you can do it, don’t judge people in the gym, look at everyone as working hard, be happy who you are.. that being confident goes a long way.. head high in the air.. and the biggest one is don’t be nervous…

Well I worked hard, followed all the meal plans,went to the gym all the time (maybe even over) and I can’t believe the change I have seen, and my body shaping and how the meals that Bobby sent me changed not just how I looked, but how I felt and how I looked at “bad food”.

I can honestly say that out of anyone that I have talked to the last few YEARS… I have learnt more in one hour of talking with Bobby.

When I was 3 years old, I had a deep fryer fall on me. All my life I have worn long-sleeved shirts even in above 30 in the summer, had friends for 10 years that didn’t even know. I would not go swimming as people might see or look at me, wouldn’t even date some people as I would feel that I wasn’t good enough. My parents were always sad about it, my kids would ask why I don’t like people looking at me, my almost husband would say..“ I don’t even notice it, who cares what others think Maranda” well this was my way or saying – I love who I am, I love the freedom to ware and do what Ilike.. and you know what no matter what my family loves me, and that’s all that matters.

For this Thanks Bobby, you gave me the strength to go on stage in a swimsuit with strangers and JUDGES… ahhh and I didn’t even think about it… had a hell of a time and loved every min of it… and guess what??? I will be up there again next year with Bobby as my trainer...

Thanks Again. Maranda Varley

Miranda Varley
Occupation: house wife and full time mom
I met Bobby back stage at the 2013 ABBA provincials. I was really discouraged with how I looked and the placing I received. He walked up and introduced himself and we talked briefly. He told me to come to his house the next day and talk with him. I could tell he really wanted to help. The day after provincials was father’s day. For Bobby to make time to meet with me on father’s day really meant a lot.
We spoke for hours. I have been training religiously since I was 15 but my body defiantly didn’t show it. Bobby could tell something was wrong. He suggested I get a food allergy test. He was dead on, after the food allergy test I found out I was celiac.
I decided to work with Bobby for Muscle Beach which was exactly 17 weeks after provincials. I got my diet and workout program hours after speaking with him and I immediately went to work. There were more calories than I had ever eaten in the diet he sent me and he reduced my training to just 5 days a week and cardio to 4 days a week. I was a little unsure about how I would be ready and improve for the Muscle Beach show 17 weeks away by eating more and training less but I put my entire faith in him and did exactly what he said.
Just making the small changes to my diet and workout regiment I lost 4 inches off my waist in the first 4 weeks alone. I looked like a different person. Every single day I could see the changes in the mirror. More importantly, I felt like a different person. I wasn't tired all the time and my passion for the gym was relit. I found myself counting down the minutes until I could train every day. Off days felt like Mondays to me now.

I barely recognize myself now when I look in the mirror. In our 17 week journey together Bobby absolutely transformed my body. Whenever I had a question or wanted to speak with him he was always available. It never took him more than an hour to reply to a text or email from me. You could not ask for a better coach in any way. I’m continuing to work with Bobby for my offseason and for 2014 provincials.

Besides any diet or workout plan, Bobby was the first person who truly believed in me and made me believe in myself. Bobby helped get me signed to a modeling agency and during the course of my 17 week diet with him I had over 10 runways and photo shoots booked, many of which were paid. Bobby will be there for you whenever you need workout or diet advice, but he will also be there for you as a friend. Bobby invited me into his own home and treated me like family. It’s been a privilege to work with him and I can’t thank him enough for everything he has done for me inside and outside of the gym.

You rock Bobby, thanks for everything.

Trevor Kouritzin
Occupation: Student / Model
Professional,knowledgeable, accomplished are all words I would use to describe Bobby Tang. I began my journey in the fitness world just over a year ago and have had thepleasure of Bobby's expertise since October of 2012. Only have been working with him for a short while he has proved to me in the time frame what big changes can be done even in a short period of time. His knowledge has improved my confidence greatly both on and off the stage; and he never ceases to amaze me with how well he can pose like a woman! Since under Bobby's guidance with nutrition and posing I won first place at the 2012 INBF Canada Alberta Cup in figure short and second place in the female fitness model short category. Just this May I won first again at the 2013 INBF Canada Calgary Cup figure short. It was such an amazing experience leading up to both competitionsand even more so with being on stage proving mainly to myself that I can do this! I look forward to my continuing journey in the fitness world. Something I am now so passionate about which I never knew I would be. It makesme excited to know I am able to achieve things I have always dreamt but never thought possible but with Bobby I know it is.

Elena Kyle
Occupation: Business Owner / Figure Competitor
It was November 26, 2011 when I rounded up the courage tocontact the One-and-Only, Bobby Tang. I had been admiring Bobby’s training workthe previous couple of years and was thoroughly inspired by his beautifulclients, Carrie Hensman and Tina Ellis. I carefully read through the Dollztestimonial page and it was clear that all of Bobby’s clients adored him. Thestunning physiques of Bobby’s "Dollz" were concrete evidence that thetraining and direction he provided helped sculpt them and allowed them toachieve their fitness goals.

At the time I contacted Bobby, I considered myself to be indecent physical shape, but it wasn’t always this way. Growing up I didn’t playsports and I hated gym class. I was that girl who purposely forgot her runningshoes so she wouldn’t have to participate. I had zero confidence in my athleticabilities and would much rather observe than participate. It wasn’t until mylate teens that I thought...Hellooo Freshman 15 – time to hit the gym! And somy love for fitness began. It became my passion and an essential part of mylifestyle. Over the years, I participated in many running races, big and small,including a full marathon and various legs in the Canadian Death Race. I alwaysmade sure I had a personal fitness goal to focus on. Working out felt naturaland staying active and healthy allowed me to maintain my sanity while dealingwith life's stresses, including completing my Doctorate in Chemistry. I neverstruggled for motivation or inspiration to go to the gym; in fact, I lookedforward to it – it was my escape from the mad scientists and allowed me tomaintain a healthy and balanced mind, body and spirit.

I had attended a number of fitness competitions, but only as anobserver. Each time I was completely inspired by and in total awe of the competitors.Stepping on stage had always been a secret dream and lifetime goal of mine andI knew that dream would become a reality...but all in perfect time. That timecame at a bittersweet moment when I was looking for a healthy way to mend mybroken heart. Feeling lost, vulnerable and alone, I was ready to focus myenergy on a “new me” and decided to finally contact Bobby. I will never forgetthe first time I met him. I felt so nervous and insecure slipping on my bikinito be ‘judged’ and critiqued by Bobby's keen and professional eye. Hisimmediate comments were, “I can tell you lift weights. You have strong legs,but you are ‘skinny-fat’ – you don’t eat enough.” He pinched and squeezed myfat and, as he looked me up and down, it was like an artist starring at a blankcanvas...scheming how he was going to turn me into his masterpiece by slowlychipping away and sculpting my body. He had a vision and was devising a plan onhow to achieve this.

In the coming months Ireceived a number of workout and diet plans that I strictly followed. I put myheart and soul into my training. Train.Eat.Sleep. This was my journey and Iwanted to succeed for myself, but it was also important to make Bobby proud -we were a team. He was not just my coach, but a huge support for me as well. Inmy head, I didn’t want to be his one client who ‘failed’ him. I had no ideawhat to expect in terms of progress, so I put 100% of my trust and faith inBobby and followed the plan...right down to an ounce of chicken and every lastrep. It was simple – I pushed myself and just did what I was told. Initially Ithought, “Holy crap, this is a lot of food!” But then I would tell myself,“Bobby knows best”. Other times I felt “bulky”, but told myself to “Embrace thestage”. Bobby was always there to clarify the training process for his newbie –he explained that training is a process and each stage serves a purpose. Youstart out with everyone’s least favorite, the "Ugly Duckling Stage",and slowly build, reshape, and chip away. Each stage has its mix of challenges,whether insecurity and doubt, fatigue, repetition, or cravings, but if you takeit one day at a time and view the journey as the sum of its parts instead ofthe ‘whole’, every day can be viewed as a small victory.

Of course the journey is not an easy one and I don’t want toglorify it for anyone. My metabolism was on fire, so I was hungry. I was tiredand often wondered how I was going to get through my weight training session,not to mention the dreaded cardio afterwards! That’s when I reminded myselfthat I was the only person who could physically get me through it. No one elsewas going to do my last set for me or force me to do one last rep. This was mybody. I was able. I was determined, disciplined, and dedicated. I had the willpower,the stubbornness and the tenacity. I was mentally strong. And myhalf-silly-half-serious mantra during the tough times was, “This is the Housethat Bobby Tang Built”. I repeated that many, many times; it made me smile tomyself and it also gave me the extra boost to get me through my tired workoutsand runs. I knew Bobby believed in me. We built that body together and I willalways remember him saying, that is not a House, that is your Temple.

Throughout the ‘sculpting process’, I often lost perspective andsecond-guessed my progress. My nerves ran high whenever it was time to sendprogress pictures or get ‘assessed’ in person. But my anxiety instantlysubsided when receiving Bobby’s quick replies, positive feedback and constructivecriticism. The messages were brief and often had to be carefully deciphered andtranslated from Chinglish, but those short messages were receivedwholeheartedly and had heavy impact. Any self-doubt would instantly vanish, asif Bobby had this secret, miraculous power to lift my worries and ease my mind.He gave me an amazing sense of security - I knew he had my back and that meantthe world to me. He always encouraged me to focus, push forward, and continueto improve my physique. I valued Bobby's opinion and any advice he had wouldfuel my desire to improve my weaker areas.

After training with Bobby for 4-5 months, I entered my firstfitness competition that took place on May 20, 2012 – the day of my 34thbirthday. I had no expectations and had no clue what I was doing, but I feltrelaxed and confident. I put on my heels and sparkly suit, strutted my stuffand had a ton of fun with the other girls. We joked around and that helped calmthe nerves. When I stepped onto stage, those observing the show saw the finalproduct: Bobby’s masterpiece and my ‘temple’, but they didn’t know my story,and everyone has a ‘story’. You could say that day marked the end of an era, orperhaps the beginning of a new one. While one relationship had ended, myrelationship with the ‘cold, unforgiving iron’ during those few months helpedme find myself again. I no longer felt lost, weak and vulnerable. I felt like awinner – I was strong and felt beautiful from the inside out. I felt proud ofmyself for putting my whole heart and soul into myself, and it paid off. Iended up taking 1st place in Novice Figure and 5th in Novice Fitness model, butit wasn’t the trophy or medal that made that day worthwhile, it was the journeyof finding inner peace and happiness that made my fitness journey a success –the results were just the icing on the cake.

The take-home message is that, I couldn't have tackled thisfitness journey and achieved the same results without the expertise anddirection of Bobby Tang. Bobby started out as my coach, but quickly became myfriend, supporter and even therapist. His impressive knowledge, wisdom andexperience in the profession of bodybuilding have made him an amazing coach,but the faith and support he has in his clients made him the incredible Man heis today. Thank you Bobby for being the best sculpture artist out there, butmost of all, thanks for believing in me.


Michelle Ambrosa Marie Forgeron
Occupation: National level Figure competitive / Manager of Research Facility in the Department of Chemistry
After competing in jiu jitsu and MMA for a few years until an injury forced me to stop competing. I was stuck at a crossroads in my life as to what I was going to be able to compete in that I would be passionate about. Then I went and watched the 2012 Muscle Beach competition in Edmonton. I loved the dedication and positivity of the athletes. I personally was always very passionate about working out and exercise. So I started asking around and making friends who had competed before asking about there trainers. There was one name who kept being brought up and came with high regards and that was Bobby Tang. So I sought him out as soon as possible and 11 weeks out from my first show it all started. He provided me with a meal plan, workout training program,posing sessions and coaching. He was an amazing coach and was extremely knowledgeable and always there to answer my thousands of questions ASAP! I did my first show and placed 3rd in Men's Tall Physique out of 45 other competitors. I was very happy with my results and will definitely be using Mr. Tang's services again. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to compete locally,provincially or at the national level or even if you would just like to transform your body and health for the better.

Colin Mayne
Occupation: Ex MMA fighter and Male Physique Competitor
I was introduced to Bobby after hearing about the incredible transformation of my hairstylist Angela Slomba (her story is below). I was the classic “skinny fat” girl who was always trying the latest diet or exercise program. I took a leap of faith and signed up with Bobby with the intent of creating my own 3 month transformation. With Bobby’s expert knowledge and guidance, my mind, body and confidence began to much so that I found myself signing up to compete in my first ever figure competition! Although I had a hard time trusting the process, Bobby had the patience to answer the bizzilion questions I had, and never hesitated to explain and motivate me. As time went on I realized all of his advice and training was spot on. What worked for others didn’t always work with me and I had a hard time accepting that. Now I realize that is a good thing...there is no “cookie-cutter” program with Bobby, your program and diet is created specifically for you. He truly cares for his clients and is not afraid to tell you when you are doing well or when you are heading off track.

My journey started with the intent of “getting in shape” and ended up placing third in my first Masters competition, qualifying me for Nationals! I’m still in shock! I have met so many women who have trained and competed and say it was one of the most incredible experiences of their lives. I now understand why. Bobby will prepare you...from your initial diet and training programs, to pre-competition diet, contacts for your suit, makeup, hair, tanning, and one on one posing instructions.

I feel healthier, stronger and have more confidence than ever but my journey is far from over...I hope to make it to the Nationals stage and prove to myself I can accomplish anything I set my mind to.

Thank you Bobby (and Kim) for everything. I hope I get the chance to work with you again in the future.


Stephanie Garon
Occupation: National level Figure Competitor
In January 2012, I knew I needed a change. 2011 was tough year for me. First with the loss of my Grandfather, followed suddenly by the loss of my Mother at Christmas. I knew I needed a change, so I decided to try bodybuilding, which is weird because I had always played team sports. A couple of friends of mine had used Bobby before, and I liked there results they had achieved. In February 2012, Bobby and I sat down and came up with a plan. I knew it would take time to build size and get ready formy new quest. Bobby set me up with everything I needed to get started, but most importantly, he did not give up. He was there for every crazy text and question a rookie could have, Especially, when it was time to start dieting for the 2013 Northern Alberta Bodybuilding Competition. He helped keep me on track. A BIG thanks to Bobby, he helped me reach my goal and keep me going through
a very emotional time.

Kyle Gratrix
Occupation: Technical Sales Rep.
Bobby is an amazing trainer and posing coach. His support and knowledge of the fitness industry is invaluable for anyone looking to compete. He was alway able to answer any question I had. You can always count on him to be very direct, honest and entertaining. I am in the best shape of my life and more confidant thank ever thanks to Bobby. I highly recommend him to anyone whether they are a fitness competitor or just someone looking to get it .


Shelagh Paton
Occupation: National level Bikini competitive / Bikini model
My name is Hailey Ginn and I am 29-year-old makeup artist. I was born with an auotimmune disease and I am also a cancer survivor. I was a very sick as a teenager when I found out I had crohn's disease and into my early 20's when I was diagnosed with having stage 4 Hodgkin's lymphoma that had progressed to a rare type of leukaemia*a type of blood cancer that has taken over your lymph system and is now inside your bones*. Due to all the medications for my cancer therapy as well as chemotherapy my body was weak. Chemotherapy destroy your muscle tissue and causes massive degeneration to most organs, mainly your lunge. 8 years ago I finished my last rounds of chemotherapy and I started back at the gym. I had to start from the absolute beginning. I had to wear a heart monitor to walk on a treadmill but I was determined to become healthy again. it was a very long battle to try and rebuild my body and after years of doing the best I could on my own I felt like I needed a challenge and more guidance to push myself further. My husband is a heavy weight bodybuilder and he inspired me. I decided that I wanted to train to become a figure athlete. After researching trainers I discovered Dollz Image through a professional figure athlete at the gym I train at. She was beautiful and strong. everything I wanted to strive to become and she tale me the person that trained her was Bobby Tang. I set up a consult with Bobby and he was knowledge, experienced and professional. Everything I was looking for! with Bobby's guidance I started following a meal and training plan. My stomach dr's are astounded at the improvement I've show with crohn's disease and I no longer express bleeding ulcer or have massive fluctuations with my weight, which has kept me out of the hospital! Bobby and Dollz Image have truly changed my life. I will be 8 years cancer free in August 2012. It hasn't always been an easy road but I feel that you should be able to go to sleep at night knowing that you've done your very best every single day. Bobby has given me the tools to live to that credo.

My experience with Bobby and Dollz Image has been wonderful and I now feel that with his help I have become the athlete I have always wanted to be. My very first competition Jue 9th 2012, I placed first in medium figure category at the Alberta Northern.

Hailey Ginn

Hailey Ginn
Occupation: Makeup artist / National figure competitor
My journey began as a weight problem i could never seem to keep under control, i would go up and down in weight and could never maintain a comfortable weight and always thought i could never be fit no matter how hard i tried. So tired of being unhappy with myself enough was enough, i hired a trainer and got to work. I always wanted a six pack and to maybe one day do a competition, ever since i was in high school and my gym teacher told me because i was a girl i couldn't have a six pack it was very hard to get one, i wanted to one day show him and everyone else who didn't believe in me that they were wrong, and that with hard work and dedication anything could happen. I then came to the point when i made my choice i was ready to prep and compete for the first time ever in my life. I hired my nutritionist and began to train. No one can prepare you for the roller coaster ride of emotions and constant tests you will go through during your first prep, you don't know what to expect or what your body is going to do, thankfully i had the greatest support team ever to help me through. There was so many times towards the final weeks i would break down and cry and say i didn't want to continue on, but would have to hold my head up and push through. It is a long process but worth every tear shed and sore muscle in your body to accomplish something so great for yourself as a person. The endless hours spent in the gym and the will power that a person finds in themselves to stick to your eating and gym routines is phenomenal. Anyone one can do it if you want it bad enough. It was never about winning or losing but the experience, and the finding yourself as a person and over coming feats you never thought you could. Never compare yourself to others always compare yourself to you, cause at the end of the day yourself is your greatest competition, and being the best you can be is what matters cause there is only one you. I wouldn't change my journey or experience for anything it has made me a better person and gave me the confidence as a women that I've never had and new strengths found inside myself i never knew was there. I am thankful for all the help and support i got through my journey, because it is a very tough road ad you will need that support, and i got so much it was fantastic, i couldn't have done it with out all of them from my trainer, and nutritionist to my friends and family, and to just walk onto the stage and know i had accomplished something so great for myself was the greatest feeling ever, and made all the hard work pay off.
Sandy Mcfall
Occupation: Bikini competitor
I approached Bobby Tang after I competed at the Calgary WBFF Championships.  I wanted to make significant changes and fine-tune my physique.  Bobby had a plan for me, and we started right away. The new, "sleeker' physique we brought to the WBFF Worlds was amazing. Bobby is a wealth of knowledge, and he truly believed in me.  I placed 2nd in an amazing line up of ladies. Seven weeks later, under Bobby's continued support and guidance I placed First at the WBFF Nationals and I received my Pro card!! Bobby helped me make the necessary changes to reach my dream of becoming a WBFF Pro Figure Athlete. Thank you Bobby for helping me maintain my focus on this journey, I look forward to working with you in the future, and hitting the Pro Stage in 2012 with your help.  
Cheryl Rosenberger, WBFF Pro Figure Athlete

Cheryl Rosenberger
Occupation: WBFF Pro Figure Athlete/ Teacher
I want to take a moment and thank the best coach / trainer / friend girl could ask for ..I started my journey back in 2008 getting involved and falling in love with the sport of bodybuilding and fitness, last year was approached by Bobby Tang and not a year later from working with him I have obtained a pro card..I thank you so much Bobby for being there every step of the way for me...all the text message Email FaceTime . you and your wife are two amazing people and I know I could have never done this without your guidance and support therefor I think this pro card is ours:)
Thank for from the bottom of my heart for not only your expert advice in competing in this sport but your friendship Thank you Bobby Tang and Kim Tang you guys are the Best XOXO


Angela Dove Wbff Pro
Occupation: Fitness Model
"For most of my young adult life I felt dissatisfied with my energy and strength levels, but mostly with how I looked. I always felt that somewhere inside me was a fit girl trapped in an overweight girls body. I always thought I had a lot going for me, but felt very un-attractive physically at times, and wanted a healthy body that matched my outgoing and adventurous personality. Years ago my younger sister competed in a bodybuilding competition and I was very interested by the whole process,however resigned myself to believe I could never do anything that intense.After a difficult break-up and a very low time in my life I decided I was going to stop putting off the day "I'd get in shape." I learned of Bobby through another client of his, in Drayton Valley, and decided to go for it. The first thing I noticed after meeting with Bobby was that his meal plans weren’t as restrictive as others I'd heard of. Bobby really took the time to educate me about diet and exercise, something I knew very little about.I felt confident in selecting Bobby to be my trainer as his many years of experience in the fitness industry as well as being a judge helped me put my mind at ease. It was four and a half months from the time I started with Dollz Image till the time I took the stage, and competed in my first figure competition. Bobby helped prepare me not only physically for my first show but also mentally. I appreciated how available Bobby made himself to meet or talk if I had questions and I always walked away from our conversations feeling very positive about the whole process. Whether your goal is to lose weight, compete or to reach some other fitness goal I highly recommend using Dollz Image. There family approach to helping clients is very inspiring and refreshing."

Brooklyn Harrington
Occupation: Youth Mentor Connector/Property Manager
I heard Bobby Tang's name more then once before I contact him and I'm so glad I did. 
I was in the gym everyday but found I couldn't reach the goal I wanted on my own. I was stuck and needed some guidance in a big way.
The first time I meet Bobby Tang he help me figure out exactly what I needed to do and what steps I needed to take to achieve them. Since then, I feel way more structured as far as my eating habits goes and my workouts.
Bobby was right there with me from the first week I started, to the final day that I hit the stage and took 3rd place at the WBFF competition in Quebec. Not even a year later.  Week one, I noticed a drastic change in my body shape. Bobby didn't just bring me through the process of transforming my body, he made me think differently by educating me along the way.   I have way more confidence in myself then I ever have in my life. He helped me understand that I deserve to be where I am because I achieve it step by step.
Bobby always found the ways to keep me motivate and kept me in the right head space along the way. Even when it was tough and my friend and families told me to quit. He was the only one who knew I could achieve my goals and guided me to stop listening to negative feedback.
It's not that I wanted to quit it's just sometimes negativitly weights out the positive during your weaker times.  I knew I needed to follow though with my goal and Bobby Tang knew exactly what to say to bring me back on track.
When I look back at the last year that I have been with Bobby, I still can't believe everything I accomplished. He makes me feel like I can do anything. I plan on keeping the momentum going and have no plans to stop. I'm looking forward to seeing what's next for me. I've now met some of the biggest name in the fitness industry already.  I feel all the aspects of my life are better now and things are going great.

I want to thank Bobby Tang for making me more of the person I've always wanted to be. I've been coached how to work with my body and others.  He really knows how to make you feel stronger, be physically stronger, achieve your dreams, and to be a winner!
I will never be grateful enough to Bobby. 

Isabelle Gendreau

Isabelle Gendreau
Occupation: Personal trainer
What to say about my experience training with Dollz Image - Bobby Tang.....

I started training under Bobby just before I became pregnant with my third child.  Almost immediately (3 months post-baby) I contacted him again and was read to get going.  Bobby is an excellent trainer. I could contact him by text at almost anytime, with the smallest question and get a reply right away. He was there every step of the way. He stays in close contact with his clients. He offers reassurance and restored my confidence when I started to freak out.  I highly recommend Bobby/Dollz Image.  He always kept me on my toes with new workouts and diets, so I was never bored.  I am extremely happy with how far I have come in gaining my body back, and then some. Now to build.... I will be back!  Thanks so much for everything Bobby.


Kelly Caouette
Occupation: Mother
Bobby Tang help me prep for last 2 shows at the end of the last year and it was an amazing experience. I have done shows before working with him and I had one previous trainer before him as well. I love my trainer before Bobby but I seemed to get better results when I worked with him! I actually only met with him in person one time too! We communicated via email and texting, I would take pictures of my progress and ask him questions and he would send back answers and updated diets and workouts. He was always on top of it and always had a speedy response. I got results faster than I ever have before and I got in my best shape I had ever been in my life! Seriously! I placed 5th in bikini at fitness america 2012 and I place 2nd at the Las Vegas classic in 2012 after Bobby training. He really knows his stuff and I would recommend anyone to work with him, I promise you will not be disappointed! Thank you so much Bobby Tang!

Kendra Butler
Occupation: American Bikini competitor

June 9th, 2012. I am backstage of the Northern Alberta Championships, wondering what in the world I had gotten myself into.  I had shown up as “myself”.  Zero dieting.  Zero preparation.  Zero clue. Needless to say, I ended up placing 8th in the short bikini class, which I credit entirely to my lack of stage fright June 13th, 2012. My addiction to the stage refuses to fade and I am determined to return to Muscle Beach with a super tight body.  I call Bobby.  I had met Bobby a couple months prior, and was instantly drawn to his exuberant personality and forthright nature.  I had zero doubt in my mind that he would bet he perfect match for my personality, and I was absolutely right!  My four month journey with Bobby has been such a wonderful experience … he tolerates my countless questions at all hours of the night … he pushes me beyond my own expectations … he is my conscience in times of temptation … he never sugar coats the truth … he celebrates all my strengths and accepts all my flaws … he is a library of infinite wisdom … he is the most sincere and dedicated individual … I trust him even when I don’t trust myself … I want to make him proud … and I wouldn’t trade him for any other trainer on the planet.

October 6th, 2012.  It is the day of the Muscle Beach competition.  There are soooo many bikini competitors!  So much so that they ultimately have to split us into four height categories!! And yet, I feel entirely different from the previous competition.  I feel completely in my element.  I feel like I belong.  I feel ready.  Being called out for the first lineup in the morning is a pleasant surprise.   A better surprise was finding Bobby waiting for me outside … with words of affirmation and a friendly reminder to keep it together for the evening show.  Lo and behold … I am thrilled to take home 4th place! 

I own it all to Bobby's wisdom and guidance. I am now looking forward to the 2013 season ...on to Provincials, boss!!!  


Ann Rouette
Occupation: Provincial Bikini competitor

After falling in love with the sport of bodybuilding I began asking my co-worker (and national level bikini competitor) questions about her competitions and training.  She had nothing but positive things to say about her trainer Bobby Tang, and encouraged me to contact him.  On January 26, 2012 I contacted Bobby and have not looked back.  His honest and upfront manner is a perfect match for me.  I appreciate his unbiased assessment of my physique, his extensive knowledge, and the commitment he shows to each and every client. He provided me with a personalized eating plan and weight routine which immediately started to transform my body.  Within 10 days, I had measureable differences in my shape while eating non-stop! 

After only four months of training with Bobby’s guidance and encouragement, I was able to place 3rd in Bikini Tall at the ABBA Northern Alberta Championships, my first competition.  After a 5th place finish two weeks later in the ABBA Provincials, I am preparing for Nationals.  He has helped me exceed my goals this year, and I trust he will be there every step of the way as I set my sights to walking on stage again next season. 

Bobby has shown me a path to a whole new lifestyle that I know in my heart I can maintain indefinitely.  The sense of empowerment I have gained from this journey has spilled over into all aspects of my life and I am a better, stronger, more positive person because of it. I have never been happier with my body, or my life, than I am right now, and I can only see things getting better from here. Thank you, Bobby, for everything. I will be forever in your debt.

Rebecca Thompson

Rebecca Thompson
Occupation: Millwright / National Competitor and Bikini model

I was referred to Bobby by a friend who had recently trained with him for her first bikini competition.  I was in awe of the transformation she had made with her body and she told me it was Bobby who helped her achieve it.  I had just had a baby and needed to get back in shape so I contacted Bobby and it was the best thing I could have done!  We worked together in the off season and then continued into contest prep as I wanted to do a Bikini Competition.  Bobby is so knowledgeable and approachable he is a fantastic coach/trainer.  We did everything via email and text and photos weekly so he could track my progress.  He would tweak my workouts and diet and I watched as my body transformed.  I started seeing muscle and started losing fat and Bobby would push me to lift heavier to see more results and it worked.  I competed in June 2012 at the ABBA Bodybuilding Competition and placed 2nd in Bikini Tall category.  Bobby was there through the entire process, mentoring, giving advice, listening to my concerns, fears and doubts and through it all he just kept encouraging me that I could do it.  He is a true professional and you can completely rely on him to get you to not only achieve your goals but surpass your own expectations.  Thank you Bobby, 

Carrie Schiere  

Carrie Schiere
Occupation: Sales Representative
For the last two years, I would spend hours upon hours reading about different fitness models, watching YouTube competitions, and reading about diets and training. It was always a goal of mine to step on stage with the WBFF, as I would admire the hard work and dedication the athletes would endure to prepare for a competition.
All my dreams came true when a good friend told me about Bobby, I looked him up. and decided to give him a call. From the moment I met Bobby, I knew he was the real deal. From his down to earth personality, to super supportive words, I knew in my heart, that this was something I was destined to do. With only 12 weeks to preparation for my first show, Bobby gave me the courage, Knowledge, and confidence to step on stage. Never in my mind did I think I could get on stage to compete with such amazing athletes. Bobby designed the perfect diet and workout for me. We kept in touch by pictures and constant texting. Keep in mind, I'm one of his out of town clients. Bobby, was only a phone call or text away. He helped me every step of the way, down to my suit selection, hair, and different ways to eat all my veggies!! With the being said, I ended up with my Pro Status Card with the WBFF organization. I couldn't be more thrilled!

Bobby, I couldn't have done with without you! You have made my whole competing experience a memory I would never forget Thanks for helping me exceed my goals this year! Look out 2012, it's gong to be awesome! This is only the beginning and I'm looking forward to a long career with you by my side.

Amanda Ancheta
Occupation: WBFF Pro Bikini Diva

If you are going to be successful you must lose the phrases like"I cant do this", "Its too hard", "Its beyond my ability", "I wish I had" and "If only". Negative phrases such as these, used frequently will robyou of your physical and mental fortitude. How will you ever achieve maximum health, strength of character, enthusiasm, passion, wealth and a profusion of joy without the positive attitude needed. You must stay in the state of mind where you see yourself as a success only. This is what I learned from Bobby Tang.Meeting in April of 2012, I started training with him and my first competition was June 6th. Communicating through texts and meeting once a month, I said theses exact word to Bobby "I am not ready". He said you got this, no worries! Placing top 5 for my first competition, I was exhilarated. Two weeks later I competed in provincials and found a new passion for competing.
Thanks to Bobby’s diets, workouts and"No Worries" mentality, I will remember this throughout all aspects of my life and forever be grateful. ~The World is yours, grab it with both hands and Shout "I’m on my way to the top!!"

Thank you Bobby & Kim Tang XOXO

Ashley Guild
Occupation: Bikini model

I want to start by saying thank you Bobby...without your encouragement and expertise I would not be where I am today. 


I had reached a point in my life where I was ready for a change and I decided to focus on my health & fitness. I had always been relatively slim and active but soon reached a plateau in my fitness. I decided I needed a goal to keep myself focused. I started looking into fitness competitions but didn't know where to start. I heard of Bobby Tang through a girlfriend who encouraged me to contact him. After seeing my girlfriend’s progress and amazing body I was sold. I was soon on a diet and training program and within weeks started to see results. After 16 weeks I was confident I could reach my goal of competition! Even though I am 10 hours and a province away, Bobby has always been only a text or phone call away. Bobby is always available to answer the smallest questions or they’re for some motivational words of support. On the rare occasion I am in the Edmonton area he invites me into his home to check my progress and work on posing. Bobby's program has done wonders to my confidence, which has affected both my personal and professional life. I am soon to compete in my first bikini competition; as terrified as I am Bobby has been there every step of the way encouraging me to reach my goals. This journey has been amazing, thank you Bobby!


Erin Beaulieu
Occupation: Bikini competitor
Ive always been a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and its all about the timing. I heard Bobby Tang name mentioned before, but it wasn't until this past January that I finally got the courage to contact him. From the minute we met, it has been one incredible journey, to say the least. At the time, I had no idea the positive impact that meeting would forever have on me. The thought of competeing had crossed my mind before, but it was the training and support and mentoring with Bobby that actually made it a reality. I began a diet and training plan immediately after our first meeting. I couldn't believe how the focus and dedication to the training was flowing into the rest of my life. Physically, Professionally and Mentally. I set a goal to enter my first competition in June at the ABBA show. Bobby was with me every step of the way and never stopped encouraging me, even when I had my doubts. He really gave me no time to second guess myself and gave me some of the best advice I will always carry with me. -"Don't focus on 1 Negative, Focus on the whole package, You deserve to be up there, keep it Classy, keep it Tasteful and Shoot for the Stars...." I ended up placing top 5 in Bikini tall, and the fire was ingnighted inside me. 2 Months later, I went on to compete in the WBFF World Show in Toronto. And although I did not place, it was one of the best experiences of my life. To see the personal growth and physical progress I had made since the Provincial show was worth every second. Feeling physically and mentally strong is truly a blessing.. Words can not describe the feeling of overcoming you're fears and be able to walk on stage in those heels and a competition suit amongst some amazingly strong and beautiful fellow competitors. What an honour. Bobby was there the whole time, backstage and in the audience, Reminding me to just relax and smile! He gave me so much guidance and insight and never let me loose track of why I was there in the first place. To put the icing on the cake of an already rewarding year, I ended up placing 3rd in the Bikini tall division in the October WBFF Edmonton Show. I've definitely adopted a new way of life as a result of diet and training. Ive come out a happier and healthier and more confident girl because of it. 
I have much love and respect for Bobby as a friend and my trainer. Its so inspiring to see all the people he motivates on a daily basis. Im excited to see where the next chapter takes me  and will be forever grateful for our meeting and this moment in my life.   

Kyla Donecz

Kyla Donecz
Occupation: Fitness model / National Bikini competitor
Before I came to Bobby, I was a relatively slender and athletic person. This being said, I had hit a plateau in my physical fitness and had no idea how to overcome this. The more I researched how to overcome this plateau, the more frustrated I became as there are so many different methods out there and yet none of them seemed to work for me. After working with Bobby for a mere 16 weeks, he was able to open my eyes up to what worked best for my body, to really listen to it and to observe how it reacted to its environment, and in turn drastically change its overall appearance. What I gained out of my time with Bobby far surpassed any expectations I had initially set out. Not only was Bobby able to get me the results I wanted but he provided me with a wealth of knowledge that has enabled me to make my new body not just a reality but he introduced me to a whole new lifestyle. Through my transformation I not only developed physically but as a person as well. Bobby has given me my confidence back and a new sense of self-worth. I cannot put in to words the respect and gratitude I have for Bobby. Thank you Bobby for everything!!!

Andrea Kennedy

Andrea Kennedy
Occupation: fitness model / Provincial Bikini competitor

No words can describe what Bobby has done for me and my confidence. I've always been active; exercise and a healthy diet has always been important in my life, but I had always wanted a toned stomach and no matter how hard I tried I could never accomplish it! After having two kids I wanted to get back into shape and since I am a shy person, I wanted to build on my confidence. I competed in my first show which was the Muscle Beach Classic Bikini 2010 and that was when I found Bobby. I told him that I was too old to compete, thinking 30 was old, but he told me that you are never too old to do what you want. He started training me on the off-season, getting me physically and mentally ready for Provincials in Edmonton. That is where I placed 5thin bikini and moved on to Nationals in Saskatoon 2011.

It has not been an easy journey but with Bobby being only a text, email, or a drive away, he always seemed to boost my motivation and never let me give up. He is one of the best in the industry but what makes him unique is that he cares about you and treats you like you are the only client he has. I now have that toned stomach that I always wanted and without Bobby's help it wouldn't have been possible! I am grateful to have met Bobby and his family! I am looking forward to pushing my body to newer limits and I know Bobby is the right person to help me get there!

 Tanya Bossel

Tanya Bossel
Occupation: National Competitor and Bikini model
Fitness and nutrition have always been a very important part of my life. Earlier this year I contemplated doing a bikini competition and my girlfriend Jacqi introduced me to Bobby. I had some reservations because of my age which is older than I choose to say but just know I have 3 children 2 of which are adults. Age is only a numbers and he encouraged me to train for the completion and achieve my goals. Bobby is so easy to work with he designed a nutrition and fitness program for me and I did my first bikini comp 10 weeks later. Bobby is like a breath of fresh air. He is always there if you need him. He will inspire you and motivate you in every aspect of your life and encourage you to achieve all of your goals!!! I have never looked or felt better about myself and am currently training for another competition in October and cant imagine doing it with out the support, inspiration, and motivation that Bobby will give me along the way!! Thank You Bobby for everything you have and will continue to do for me. You are amazing!!!!!...

Cheryl Antos

Cheryl Antos
Occupation: Provincial Bikini competitor
On April 23, 2011 I place 3rd in my first Bikini Competition. With 100% certainty I can tell you that my journey would not have been possible without Bobby Tang. Every Monday morning Bobby would contact me to see how I was doing. Every two weeks he would invite me to come to his families' home to touch base in person. Bobby encouraged me to contact him whenever I needed too. I found it absolutely incredible the amount of support this man provided. No question was too big or small. Several times I reached out to Bobby in frustration when the diet and training became overwhelming. Every single time he lifted my spirits right back up! Almost instantly! Incredible! I would leave feeling like I could touch the sky! Bobby is patient, kind, compassionate, supportive, humble, honest and reliable. My gratitude towards this man is enormous, because without knowing it he has helped me become a better, stronger woman. I absolutely look forward to the future with Bobby Tang as my trainer. Not only is he an incredible trainer, he is a wonderful man. Bobby, I thank you with all of my heart.

Amanda Lakusta

Amanda Lakusta
Occupation: National Competitor and Fitness model
I just like to say bobby rocks!!! I’ve always really been into fitness and health… It’s like part of my daily routine… I love lifting weights and keeping fit…! I am very passionate about my health and well-being!!! I started competing because I needed something to motivate me and get me the results that I need… even thou I was working out and eating healthy I wasn’t getting to where I wanted to be!! So I set some goals for myself…. When I did my first competition that is where I met Bobby… I introduced myself to him and saw all the girls he trained and wanted to be trained by him… so here I Am in the best condition of my life thanks to bobby.. He is wicked.. I sent him pictures every week and he sends me my diet and program!! That simple… he knows how to tweak things to make you change your body drastically!!! I am truly blessed that I came across bobby cause because of it I finished 2nd in bikini short provincials 2011… now onto Nationals and I have him to thank!! Well I did all the hard work but he pushed me and made me succeed and look amazing!! I honestly would recommend bobby to anyone I come across because he knows his stuff… He is such a inspiration in my life and his family is so wonderful and supportive made me feel like I was part of the family!! Thanks Bobby!!!! Such a great friend and coach!!!

Avril Stead

Avril Stead
Occupation: National level Bikini
I am privileged to be trained by one of the best, most knowledgeable trainers in the industry, Bobby Tang. When everyone was saying fitness is not for me, I can’t do it, he was the one who believed in me : “Let me show you what you can do with your body by training and right dieting. The sky is the limit”, he said. That is how I began my journey. Being a single mom, overweight and not confident with my body I always tried to find an excuse to skip a day or two or three of work out. Bobby helped me to gain that confidence back, he was there for me every step of the way. At times when dieting and training gets tough he is there to encourage and support and push you to your limits. Within five weeks of me training with Bobby I entered into my first competition, WBFF World Championship. I placed top 5 in Bikini Model Division!!! After 4 more weeks of working with Bobby I won Muscle Beach Classic Bikini Model Overall!!! Forever grateful!!! I look forward to working with him for a long time to come!!!

Olya Haidner

Olya Haidner
Occupation: Fitness model / National Bikini model competitor
I can’t express to you in words what Bobby has done for me since I have started competing two years ago. For me working out and training has always been a passion but since but since working with Bobby I have seen the most transformation in myself. Not only the improvement of my physique but also in my attitude and self esteem. Two years ago I competed in my first show for the ABBA taking a modest placing in Tier one figure. I was intrigued by the sport and knew that in order to excel I needed to find a trainer who was knowledgeable in the sport and trained individuals as a profession. That was when I contacted Bobby Tang aka, ‘The Pit bull!!’ Bobby is very knowledgeable about the right kind of weight training along with how much cardio and what type was needed to get the best results for myself. He guided me through the diet, right up until I stepped on stage for the show and then modified it post competition for maintenance. We chat on a weekly basis to see where I am at and how my diet and training is going. His guidance is so helpful and greatly appreciated! He has always been very patient and never gave up on me offering me continued support throughout.

Since working with Bobby I have competed in several competitions and have reached and surpassed many of my goals. My accomplishments have been numerous and have been gained relatively quickly. They include a 2nd placing in figure and a 2nd placing in fitness modeling at the ABBA Fall Classic in 2008, a 1st place win at Northern’s for the ABBA in 2008, and a 1st in fitness modeling at the ABBA Southerns in 2009. My Biggest accomplishment thus far has been a 1st placing for the CBBF championships, gaining the title of National Canadian Bikini Champion 2009. The ABBA has also awarded me with best bikini model for 2009.

Bobby has been a phenomenal trainer and I look forward to working with him for a long time to come. I would highly recommend Bobby for those starting out competing or, who are looking to make some major lifestyle and physical changes.
If anyone would like to contact me with any questions about Bobby’s services, please feel free to email me anytime!

Carrie Hensman

Carrie Hensman
Occupation: BScN,RN/Medical Device Sales Manager/Fitness Model
"I was fortunate to be introduced to Bobby by my friend Carrie who has been training with Bobby for a couple years now. After the new year and feeling like I was in a lull with where I wanted to be with my body, I made the decision to take the leap and sign up with Bobby. From the get go he truely motivated and inspired me. We did before pictures, diet analysis and a workout regime. There were so many times I was tired and ready to quit but Bobby would check in and all of a sudden your re-motivated! Especially when you start to see your body change and things fit better, you feel better about yourself and suddenly it all becomes and continues to be worth while!! So I went all the way and after 14 weeks I competed in the provincial bikini model competition and placed 8th! I am very happy with how I look, how I feel and I can honestly say that I'm now in the best shape of my life. This transformation hasn't just changed my body, it's changed my spirit, increased my confidence and made me a happier person! It was a tough but worthwhile journey and I want to thank my friend Carrie as she truely inspired me, as well as my husband and friends and family for all the continuous support. Most of all to Bobby, thank- you. This has changed my life forever!"
Louisa Zylstra

Louisa Zylstra.
Occupation: Dental Hygienist / Provincial Bikini Competitor
I met Bobby Tang over 3 years ago and feel so blessed to have met such an inspirational person. I am a personal trainer who has had a passion for fitness my whole life and it wasn't until I met Bobby that I felt that I could step on stage and compete. My first year I placed 3rd in both Fitness Model and Figure, Tier one. Doing so well my first year I knew I had to continue on. In my second year I placed 4th in Figure, Tier 2 and place 2nd in the CBBF Canadian Nationals. However, the one of highlights of my fitness career has been winning the David Ford Award (best body and most marketable) through the ABBA. This has enabled me to appear and be featured in magazines such as Status Fitness Magazine and Inside Fitness. All this would not be possible without the talent and knowledge of Bobby Tang. Not only has Bobby changed my body, he has changed my life, and helped me to become the woman I am today. Bobby I cannot thank you enough and words cannot express my gratitude.


Tina Ellis
Occupation: National Competitor and Fitness model
Throughout my childhood, I was always active and interested in sports. I played highly competitive soccer and basketball until a recurring knee injury ended my sports career. I continued to work out in gyms but was beginning to feel a loss of motivation and felt like I needed a new challenge, something to push myself to new heights and something to strive for. I would always read fitness magazines and dream of being a fitness model but had no idea where to begin or if I would be capable of attaining a physique like that. Finally, I met Bobby and knew instantly I wanted to compete in a bikini competition.
When I first joined the Dollz team I thought I was in pretty good shape, although i knew I had some problem areas that I felt like no matter how hard I worked I could not get it toned. Right from the beginning, he asked what my goal was. I said I wanted to compete in the upcoming Edmonton Provincials in June. I was terrified he would say that 5 months was not going to be enough time to get my body ready in time to compete. Right after meeting me and hearing my goal, he began telling me about everything to expect the next few months. He informed me about what my training and diet would be like, how my body will change, how it will affect other areas of my life and how to prepare for it mentally so I was capable of doing the best I could. He answered all my questions and concerns and told me that he was not only my trainer but my friend. He was there to support me, to answer my questions and motivate me when I felt like giving up. I left so excited to begin this new chapter in my life and felt like I had finally found the void I had been missing. I finally had a goal and something to work for.
Since starting my training, my body has transformed so quickly that we decided to compete in the Nationals in Quebec two months before my goal of competing in June. I placed in the top 5 at Nationals, and have had many opportunities to do various photoshoots. This whole experience has given me the opportunity to reach goals I never thought I could and has allowed me to set more goals in competing as well as pursuing a modeling career.
This whole experience has given me a new perspective on what I would like to pursue in my life. He has always been there to support me, answer all my questions, motivate me and
inspire me with his genuine personality and love for the sport. Most importantly he has helped me realize not to give up on my dreams, and that anything is possible as long as you have the heart and determination.

Thank you Bobby for being my support and my friend!

Stephanie Bauman

Stephanie Bauman
Occupation: Fitness model / National Bikini competitor
I have been with Bobby just over 4 years now and it has been an absolutely amazing journey to say the least. Growing up I know my career would be in fitness, and when I finally committed to my decision to compete, I knew Bobby would be the one to help me. Hiring him is the smartest investment I've ever made. Now, 4 years later, I am a National Figure athlete, fitness model and personal trainer.

Mel Veroba

Mel Veroba
Occupation: National Competitor and Fitness model
I have always liked to keep in shape and stay active. Fitness is very important to me, I often thought about what it would be like to take it to the next level and compete in a show. Bobby made this possible for me. He educated me, designed a workout routine and nutrition plan to sculpt my body exactly the way I wanted. He gives you all the knowledge and guidance you need to reach your goals. He is well respected in the industry, he has trained some of the most beautiful women in Alberta and many of them are now national competitors. I'm proud to be a part of Dollz Image I have learned so much from Bobby, competed in my first show for bikini at the Provincials 2011, I look forward to continue traing and competing. Thank you Bobby for helping me fulfill a dream I always wanted but never new how to get there :)


Dawn Reashore
Occupation: Customer Representative / Provincial Bikini model
It was a new year and with always having a interest in bodybuilding I finally got up and said "I want to compete". Understanding it was "easier said than done" I wanted someone with the knowledge and experience to get me where I wanted to be 20 weeks from January to compete in the Northern Alberta Bodybuilding Championships. Weighing my options, I had received bobby's name and credentials by word of mouth and decided to give him a call. He automatically was excited and willing to sit down with me for a free consultation. He assured me it would require discipline, patience, and hard work. I jumped on board annd ran with his words. Week by week it got tougher and tougher, as Bobby stayed very personable with in person meetings and check ups with progress and diet updates. He kept me motivated and determined to do my very best. With his knowledge of bodybuilding bobby never left any question I had unanswered. The competition was creeping up quickly and visits to bobby became more frequent and together we got ready for June 4th. We both thought I was ready and I entered the competition with no expectations in placing at all and just was ecstatic in the ability to say "I did it, I am here and have no regrets" The competition has just passed and I weighed in at 147.5lbs from a starting weight of 178lbs, and I came out with a 1st PLACE FINISH in the men's lightweight class! And its all because of Bobby's guidance and knowledge. I had an amazing experience and would not hesitate to refer anyone looking for someone with fitness expertise. Thank you Bobby as you have helped me learn so much about the sport and about myself.


Jon Celeste
Occupation: 2011 Northern light weight winner
I started my journey to weight-loss and fitness several years ago when I began to exercise regularly and eating better. It was not until I witnessed the accomplishments of my friend Carrie (who competed in fitness modelling) that I realized that I really was not accomplishing what I wanted. I was very interested in how Carrie had succeeded in the area of Fitness Modelling. I thought that this would be a great goal for me to achieve for just turning 40.
At first I felt that maybe I was too old,( who wanted to see a 40 year old in a bikini), and maybe I did not have the will power or courage to achieve such a substantial goal.
I found Bobby via the internet and after the first meeting I felt inspired and determined to obtain my goal of competing in Fitness Modelling. I remember Bobby's encouraging words" You are never too old" and "If you believe you can do this, then you can"
My healthy eating plan and exercise program now had direction. I was refuelled and more determined than ever. Although I was not able to physically see Bobby everyday, the continued support via phone and internet helped me through some rough times.
It has not been easy, "Don't cheat" Bobby's famous words to me when I was tempted by yummy chocolate LOL, but really what he meant was "Don't cheat yourself out of your goal" I heard you loud and clear!
With the continued support from my family and a very extraordinary "training" partner I feel that I have accomplished my goal. The final "icing on the cake" will be standing on the stage at my first competition in June.

Cheryl Bend

Cheryl Bend
Occupation: Dental Hygienist / Provincial Bikini Competitor
I had the great privilege to train with one of the most influential people in my life. When I first started working out, I did only what I knew I could. Bobby has not only helped me to do what is possible, but has pushed me to my potential; beyond what I had ever expected and hoped of for myself.
I’ll never forget how anxious and motivated I was when I first began working with him. Not only is he the epitome of all that I strive for physically, but an inspiration. I never thought that working out would be so exciting and challenging!
He keeps me on track; always reminding me that my goals aren’t so far ahead, and that I am indeed getting stronger and more fit every time I work out. Most importantly, he never fails to provide me with the motivation.
Bobby knows and understands how important and essential physical fitness is to fulfilling and satisfying a person’s self. His commitment to my physical fitness will always continue to inspire me to achieve the best within myself, and motivate me to believe in myself; to know that my goals are real, and can be met.
He taught and guided me to finding the most essential and powerful tool a person can possess……………..CONFIDENCE!!! I can wear bikini and pose on the stage front of audiences!!!
Bobby - Thank you for being my inspiration. You will always be a role model through my eyes. Thank you for believing in me.

Su Yang
Occupation: Senior Financial Advisor
Bobby is an amazing trainer! I have always been very active and involved in sports. I love weight training but really only knew the basics. A few years ago I broke my ankle and had surgery and two screws placed. I couldn't work out for about a year. I fell off the wagon as far as diet and training and was extremely disappointed in myself. I needed a friend Sasha was training with Bobby to do her second fitness model competition and highly recommended him. I decided to go for it! The first day I met bobby I asked him if he thought I could do it and he basically threw the question right back at me. He made a good point, it doesn't matter if anyone else thinks you can or can't, you need to do it for yourself! I was terrified to get on the stage, the thought if it made me want to quit some days. But I could hear Bobby saying, "Don't ever do this week by week or month by month. Focus on each day and do your best everyday!" the competition was the icing on the cake. Getting healthy mentally and physically is why I started and will continue to train. Towards the end I knew there was no way I wasn't getting up there. I was proud of myself! And I'm proud of every girl/guy that can get up there. It takes a lot of inner strength and discipline. It's not easy but it's totally worth it! Thank you bobby for always being encouraging and helping me stay focused.

Carrie Dziadyk

Carrie Dziadyk
Occupation: Dental Hygienist
I was introduced to Bobby Tang about a year ago and he has help me reach my fitness goals. He gave me detailed meal plans that help me understand the correct nutrition my body needs he care about his clients and he even sends an occasional facebook message making sure you are doing all right! Amazing.

Meghan Collison
International Model

Meghan Collison
Occupation: International Model
I became competitive in sports at a young age and found myself searching for something to fill the void that was left after I retired from varsity basketball. When I became a personal trainer I was exposed to the fitness industry and felt that it could maybe fill that void. Three attempts and three trainers later I found myself holding trophies for first place in bikini tall and first place overall at the ABBA provincials 2010. I wouldn’t be holding these trophies if it weren’t for Bobby Tang my trainer. I will be heading to compete in Nationals at the end of August 2010 and know that I will be able to be at my best with Bobby as my trainer. He truly knows what he is doing with diet, training and even posing (this is something you gotta see). What I like even more about having Bobby as my trainer is that he is always positive and is always there for me through all the up’s and down’s. He is not afraid to tell you when you need to pick up the slack and will tell you when he is proud of you. He is more concerned about your personal development then winning trophies and this is what makes him special. He makes sure my nursing education, health, family and friends are all priorities and does not have tunnel vision with only stepping on stage in view. He is truly a trainer who has it all and I would recommend him not only to those wanting to compete on stage but to anyone interested in improving their health, fitness and self-esteem.


Sasha Staden

Occupation: Nursing student/personal trainer/fitness model
When I first met Bobby he was getting ready to do his show at the ABBA Northerns 2010 and he looked like he’d stepped right out a muscle magazine! Over the last few years, I’d managed to lean down and had been steadily maintaining my weight, but when Bobby suggested to me that I would have potential to compete, I was interested in the challenge of it. 16 weeks to make me stage ready and Bobby was the man with the plan! From a question of diet, to training, down to posing and even the type of bikini, Bobby drew me up a personalized diet and exercise plan, answered every question I had, kept me focused and made me the entire experience tons of fun! Bobby has been competing and judging for years and his extensive knowledge and experience turned me into a contender. I have just finished my very first show, placing 3rd in Bikini Short at Muscle Beach Fall Classic 2010. It was such an amazing experience overall that I’m currently training off-season with Bobby for the next shows for spring of 2011! I recommend Bobby to each and every single person who has asked me who my trainer was and because of Bobby I’m on a new path of health and happiness!
Thank you Bobby!!

Sherry Lien

Sherry Lien
Occupation: Administrator
Where do I begin…I met Bobby through Tina Ellis at the gym. Asked a few questions, got to chatting and next thing you know I am at his house going over the possibilities of doing a competition. I looked and listened to all he had to say, after all he is a genius! Then I thought there is no way he can make me look like that after looking through some pictures. We took my before pictures and I thought ok lets see where this goes. Little did I know the journey I was on until it was over! I started training and dieting in February so it was a long 18 weeks to get to the finish line in June. I had my ups and downs, however he was there every step of the way answering the many questions I had day in and day out. The one thing I love about Bobby is that he makes you truly feel as if you were his only client and getting you to that finish line is his only goal. I will always remember him looking at me and saying how proud he is of me. He was there when no one else was and he always knew the answer to everything. I am honored to have Bobby as a trainer and have the outmost respect for all the hard work he put in. I would have never done it without you and now I don’t want to go on without you either!! I look forward to doing another competition next June and look even more forward to doing it along side you Bobby! Thanks again!
Your biggest fan,

Kat Ritchie

Kat Ritchie
Occupation: Personal trainer
knew about Bobby for quite a while before he became my trainer, and I certainly knew that he was good at what he did. What I did not know was how great an impact he would be able to have on my training, my diet, and my confidence. Frankly it was much more than I expected him to be able to offer from three hours away. But that distance was never an issue. With constant contact through text and phone calls, plus a few trips make in either direction, I never felt anything less than 110% supported and motivated. As a result, in less than six month he had me prepped for my first contest at the age of 54. I had a blast, and even got a third place finish in the Grand Masters class of the 2010 ABBA Northerns . That had me motivated and eager to be back on stage again next year. So eager that the second thing I did after the contest (The first was to go way off my diet! ) was to arrange for him to continue my training with an off season cycle. Thank you Bobby!

Michael Shannon

Michael Shannon
Occupation: 3 rd place winner of 2010 Northern Alberta Men's Grandmasters
Before I met Bobby Tang of Dollz image I lived a very sedentary lifestyle. I had relied on my metabolism my whole life to regulate my weight and never worried about health. Recently I felt like I had no energy and people were starting to make comments about my "pot belly". Bobby listened to my concerns about myself and tailored a workout and diet to my needs and body type. Working with Bobby is exactly what I needed to see the results I wanted, he was there for me anytime I had a question and was able to motivate e through some of the tougher times. Bobby promised me I would lose my extra weight and in 3 months, delivered on that promise. I've shed over 20 lbs and have the muscle definition I've always wanted through my arms, chest and core. Bobby at Dollz image gave me the knowledge and encouragement I need to live a healthier life and I feel fantastic.
Dylan Wowchuk
Occupation: Radio Talk Show Host (Pepper and Dylan's)
3 years ago we were scouted in a mall by a agent that told us we should start modeling. Weeks later we found ourselves very uncomfortable as we sat staring at the walls of the agency that hung magazine pictures of high fashion models that they represented. We knew at that point we needed to make some image changes in order for us to stand out from some of these amazing models. So we hired our dad Bobby to teach us diet and nutrition and how to work out so we could tone up. Weeks later we saw definite changes in each other and our confidence went through the roof. As a result of our changes, we were getting contract offers as well as producers asking us to do reality shows. We even landed a movie role in X-Man Wolverine for 20th Century Fox.

Thanks Dad

Jade,Joelle and Mariah Tang

Jade, Joelle and Mariah Tang
Occupation: Model/Actress
Thank you Bobby for helping me reach my goals.
Training with you has given me a new confidence in myself that I never knew I had. Even when training and dieting gets tough and I want to give up you are here for me, inspiring me and encouraging me to keep going. The way that you train and actually care about your clients, shows with the results that are achieved.
I have recommended you to friends and family and would continue to anyone who wants to get results.


Myra Cote
Occupation: Mortgage broker and Fitness model
I hired Bobby to get me back into shape for a holiday I was taking. I thought I was in alright shape but realized I needed some one to take me to the next level. Someone to guide me. I didn’t want to just look good on the beach, I wanted to look fabulous! The results I got from Bobby were amazing. I felt so confident in my bikini that I didn’t want to wear anything else.

When I returned from my holiday I wondered how I was going to keep my toned body. Bobby suggested I try doing a fitness model competition. I decided to take the challenge and have Bobby guide me through this journey. With the diet and training he provided I took 4th place out of 12 girls. I had set a goal to do this competition and taking 4th place far exceeded my goal. At 36 years old who would have thought? Bobby really knows how to turn out winners. I was proud to show off my “Body by Bobby” on that stage.
I just want to say thank you to Bobby for being there for me. He was only a phone call or text message away if I ever needed some advice or help staying focused on my goals. If you are looking to get a great body and want a healthier lifestyle, then Bobby is your man. If you are looking to win or place in a fitness or bodybuilding competition, Bobby is your man for that too. He knows the business inside and out being a competitor himself. Bobby has given me the tools to live a more fit happy life and can do the same for you.

Thanks Bobby!!!

Pharmacy Technician &
Freelance Makeup Artist

Carmyn Knoll
Occupation: Pharmacy Technician & Freelance Makeup Artist
“Where do I begin……..when I reflect back its kind of crazy. I was surfing the web trying to get some info on competing and somehow came across Bobby’s seminar he was holding with his contact information. Soooo, I gave him a call and he knew what he was talking about! It was like talking to a long time friend! Lots of people claim to know what they are talking about when it comes to competing or just basics of training and diet, but really have no idea at all. I knew instantly from talking to Bobby he knew what he was doing! Never did I feel in the 4 years Bobby was training me that I was taking too much of his time. I even remember cravingggg something one Saturday night and before I could think about it more, Bobby sent me a text saying DON’T CHEAT! did he know I needed that??Lol I have sooooo appreciated the support Bobby always gave me even though I live an hour and a half away, whether it was by phone or at training sessions we had which were great! My one year of “I wonder if I can do it”, turned into how about again and again and again and why not Nationals! I always felt I improved each year that I trained with Bobby and I learned so much about diet and training that I had nooo idea about before. He is a wealth of information that has been so valuable even today in my everyday routine of exercise and diet even though I have taken a break from competitions. One day I will compete again…..and no one can take the fact that Bobby took me to Nationals which was an experience that was awesome to share with him as he also took the stage again! I really do look forward to hitting the stage one day again and having the support of Bobby Tang as my trainer!
Christie Ngo

Christie Ngo
Occupation: Student/National Competitor
I just want to start by saying Thank You Bobby from the bottom of my heart.
I never thought in a million years that I could accomplish loosing 68 pounds in 1 1/2 years and actually keep it off. I have tried a few fad diets and lost the weight but always gained it back and usually more. Bobby was my motivation and inspiration which helped me keep on track and feel good in what I was accomplishing. He taught me how to eat properly, he also taught me about carbs, protein, and fat intake, and how many times a day to be eating. Combined with the exercise program he gave me I have been able to start a new chapter in my life, now it is no longer hard to keep up with my kids, it's FUN....

Gord Henke

Gord Henke
Occupation: Project Manager
When I decided to enter a bodybuilding competition I called Bobby Tang. Although I had been training to compete in bodybuilding for 6 years, I knew I was missing something. Everything changed when I met Bobby. He transformed my body in 3 months and I placed 2nd in my first ABBA show. Not only did Bobby create my diet, But he was there to help me train as well as helping me with my posing. If I ever had a question Bobby would get back to me within minutes and he always checked on me to see how I was reacting to the diet. There is no doubt in my mind that Bobby is the best at what he does and I would not have made it as far as I have without him.


Matt Smolley
Occupation: Body Builder/Personal Trainer
I have been exercising and lifting weights for many years but never felt like Iwas changing my shape or leaning down. I hired numerous fitness trainersover the years to design me a program where I would be able to see somesignificant changes but was never satisfied. I was introduced toBobby in April of 2010 when I was at a point that I wanted to make a change inmy body but didn’t know what to do. Bobby started me on a program thatfocused on healing my Irritable Bowel Syndrome. He changed my dietfrequently as well as my program. I have two small children and don’thave a lot of time to devote to going to the gym but Bobby designed a weightprogram that was a complete fit for me. Just when I seemed to get boredwith the program, he would change it and give me a different one. I washappy Bobby was willing to train me because I was not interested in competingand I didn’t want to get bulky and never did. At the end of my program withBobby I lost 7 % body fat and gained 8 pounds in lean weight. Bobby leftme with a maintenance diet so I can continue with this new lifestyle. Iam thrilled to have been introduced to Bobby and to finally have reached manyof my goals. Thanks Bobby

Sandra Pluhator
Occupation: Systems Administrator

I don't do this often, but I had to write you and tell you what you have done and are continuing to do for my life.

Since beginning my program with you (March 2014) I have lost about 20 lbs., and the loss of scale weight is not anywhere near the point of this email. March thru July and still, my waist size went from 38 to 34 (and dropping) and my sportcoats are starting to becoming tight in the arms and shoulders. I am not just losing weight.I am getting fit. My energy is through the roof and it's easy to get out of bed in the morning.

I think sometimes people think they are working out hard, or working out smart, but until someone has experienced consistent workouts with a good program from a trainer at your level (there aren't many of them), they've never seen or felt the results that you have delivered to me. So thank you, for being knowledgeable and always knowing the answers to my questions about fitness and diet. Thank you for changing things up, encouraging me when I'm tired, showing me results in an unbelievably short period of time. In my job, you know I interact and just had a meeting with a client for my company and I was commented that my face had gotten thinner and I just looked younger and healthier. I owe that to you and I'm going to keep going. You know when to push and when to back off and the program is a challenge, hard and fun too. Thank you for being the trainer that you are and for becoming a good trusted friend."

Adam Hewitt, N.C.S.O
Adam Hewitt
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